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May 30, 2006
Dear Joe,
thank you for putting in the new deadbolt
lock and installing our over-the-range
hood ventilation duct. We are so happy
with the work you have done.
Thanks again,
- The DeVoe Family, Methuen, MA
Cell: (978) 258-3468 evenings

March 4, 1998
Dear Joe,
thanks for finishing the door and wall.
It came out fantastic.
Hope to be able to have you do
other work for me in the future.
- Michelle M. Wales, Malden, MA

May 20, 2006
it was a pleasure working with you again.
The bathroom remodel came out beautiful
and the work on the 2nd and 3rd floor
staircase came out great.
Your professionalism & reliability
are refreshing in these times!
Thanks, again
- Michelle M. Wales, Malden, MA
Cell: (617) 697-9194 evenings

April 28, 2005
You did a great job remodeling my kitchen.
Everything was just like I wanted it.
I appreciate the ability to get the job
done in such a timely manner.
Thank you for all your hard work!
- Elizabeth Moreira, Somerville, MA
Cell: (617) 930-6350 evenings

July 16, 1999
Thanks for the great job (& quick!)
It looks like the porch will last quite a
while longer because of those repairs.
Thanks again
- Justin Grunen

Dear Joe & Lynda,
Thanks so much for the trash bin, it's great!
Joe your so handy!
My husband's jealous!(he isn't!)
Thanks again,
- Carol

Thanks again for your help with the house.
Hope you and your family have a merry Christmas!
- The Reilly's

thanks for the great work in the bathroom.
It makes a big difference!
- Ben & Will

thanks for fixing the screen for the front door.
Thanks again,
- Anna

To Whom It May Concern . . .
James S. Mellen, Somerville, MA
- Reference letter attached